Botany,B.Sc. Part-1 Examination Questions-2019 (LNMU)


Answer give questions, selecting at least one form each
group is which question number 1 is compulsory
1. Explain the following:
(a) Kochs postulates
(b) Coenocytic condition
(c) Infection
(d) Early blight of potato
(e) development of Oogonium in Fucius
2. describe the life history of polysiphonia.
3. outline the classification of algae put forward by Fritsch and comment briefly.
4. write short notes on any two of the following:
(a) sex -organ of Chara
(b) Heterocyst
(c)Algal pigments
(d) Reproduction in Nostoc
5. Give an account of the symptoms and etiology of Citrus Canker.
6. Describe the life cycle of fungus which causes late blight of potato and their control.
7. write adiscriptive account of the structure and Reproduction of Cystopus.
8. Describe the modes of multiplication in bacteria.
9. Describe the structure and properties of TMV.
10. Give an account of the role of bacteria in agriculture.
Answer type questions, selecting at least one from each
Group in which question number 1 is compulsory.
1. Give an account of any three of the following:
(a) Antheridiophore of Marchantia
(b)Thallus of Anthoceros
(c)Gemma cup of Marchantia
(d)Rhizome of Ophioglossum
(e)Prothallus of Psilotum
2. Describe the gamelophytic evolution of bryophytes studied by you.
3. Describe the structural organisation of Polytrichum capsule and its mechanism of spore dispersal.
4. Give an account of the silent features of Sphagnum and its benefits.
5. Describe the position and protection of sex organs in bryophytes studied by you.
6. Describe the characteristic feature of genus Psilotum with suitable diagram.
7. Give an account of different types of strobili found in calamites.
8. enumerate the characteristic features of Ophioglossum with suitable diagrams.
9.write a critical note on any two of the following:
(a) Sporangiospore of Equisetum.
(b)Strobillus of Selaginella
(c) Types ofprotostele.
10. Mescribe the motes of of generation in pteridophyte.
BOTANY (sub/Gen)
Answer five questions, selecting at least one form
Each group in which question number 1 is compulsory.
1.Write, in brief, about five of the following:
(a) Well labelled diagram of plant cell (description not required)
(b)Ovule of Cycas
(c)Gemma cup of Marchantia.
(d) Interphase of mitosis.
(e)L.S. of pothecium cup of Peziza
(f) Heterocyst and its role
(g)Macrandrous sps of Oodogonium
(h) Mendel’s law of independent Assortmerit
2.Describe the thallus structure and method of sexual reproduction in oedogonium.
3. Give an illustrated account of post fertilization change in the life-cycle of Batrachospermum.
4. Write an essay on the economic importance of Lichens.
5. Give on illustrated account of life cycle of the fungus which causes wart disease of potato.
6. Describe, in brief, sporophyte of Mercancia.
7. Describe the ultrastructure of chromosome.
8. Write short notes on any two of the following:
(a) Rice
(d)Ground nut