Concept of Learning

Learning is a process of acquiring new skills or knowledge and improving the existing skills also. an individual undergoes a change in his /her knowledge and behaviour on account of learning. Everyone has different from one another in acquiring skills,means everyone has different rate or speed of learning.Certain factors such as environment,learners ability and motivation, teachers capabilities and ways of imparting knowledge all impact a persons learning experience.

The Critical Period Hypothesis states that the first few years of life constitute the time during which language acquisition is much more difficult and ultimately less successful.A commonly drawn,though not absolutely necessary,corollary of the CPH is that any language learning which occurs after the age of puberty will be slower and less successful than normal first language learning.

Types of Learning

There are three types of learning

1.Motor learning

Most of our activities in day to day life refer to motor activities e.g. walking, running driving, climbing etc.All these activities involve muscular co-ordination.

2.Verbal Learning

This types of learning involves the language we speak,the communication methods we adopt e.g. sings, pictures, symbols, words, sounds etc are the tools used in such activities.

3.Conceptual Learning 

In this form of learning, we require higher order mental processes like thinking,reasoning, intelligence. With the use of these,child learns different concepts.


Certain factors affect learning of individuals. These factors can be dived into three categories,which are as follows

Factors Related to Learner
  • Learner’s motivation determines the intensity of learning.
  • Learner’s efficiency or mental capacity.
  • Learner’s interested and aptitude towards the subject.
  • Learner’s general health.
  • Learner’s behaviour with students.
Factors Related to Teacher
  • Teacher’s command over the subject.
  • Teacher’s way of communicating.
  • Availability of appropriate subject material to facilitate.
  • Teachers is behaviour with students.

Factors Related to the Environment,Teaching Materials and Human Resource

  • Conducive environment to learning.
  • Structure and size of classrooms.
  • Availability of appropriate subject material to facilitate the learning processes.
  • Home environment of the learner.