LNMU B.Sc Part 1 Syllabus Zoology {Subsidiary}: Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU), Darbhanga B.Sc. UG part-1 Zoology Subsidiary syllabus.

In all 8 questions are to be set, four from each group. 5 questions are to be answered, selecting at least two from each group.

Group-A (Animal Diversity-1)

1. Silent features and classification of major invertebrate phyla up to orders.

2. Protozoa- Locomotion, osmoregulation, nutrition an reproduction.

3. Porifera- canal system, yah production, affinities and spicules.

4. Coelenterata– Obelia and Aurelia,Corals & coral reefs.

5. Ctenophora – structure and affinities.

6. Platyhelminthes – structure, life cycle and pathogenicity of Faciila hepalica and Taenia solium.

7. Annelida – Haemocoelomic system in Leach ; Excretory system.

8. Mollusca– Torsion and detorsion in gastropods.

9. Onychophora – Structure and affinities.

10. Anthropoda – Respiration in Prawn, Mouth Parts in insects and General account of Trilobita.

11. Echinodermata – Water vascular system in Starfish, Larval forms.

LNMU B.Sc Part 1 Syllabus Zoology {Subsidiary}

Group – B (Animal Diversity 2)

1. Origin of chordates.

2. Retrogressive metamorphosis in Herdmania.

3. Feeding mechanism and development of Amphioxus.

4. Fish – Circulatory system in scoliodon and labeo, Respiration.

5. Amphibia – Origin, classification and parental care.

6. Reptiles – Chelonia and poisonous snakes.

7. Birds – Origin, flight and adaptation and mitigation.

8. Mammals – General characters, origin, Dentition.

9. Heart and aortic arches in vertebrates.