LNMU Part 2 Botany Syllabus

LNMU Part 2 Botany Syllabus Theory & Practical 

Time  3 hour
Full marks 75

Biology of seed plants

Their celebrity theory papers carrying 75 marks each and one prectical paper carrying 50 marks. all the three papers shall be of 3 hour duration.

LNMU Part 2 Botany Syllabus Paper 3


The paper cell consists of gymnosperms and angiosperms. There shall be two groups. All together 10 questions or to be set. Candidates shall be required to answer five questions selecting at least one from each group. Question number one will be short answer type and compulsory.


Plecobotany and gymnosperm

1. Process of fossilization type of fossils and importance of fossils.
2. Fossil genera: Liginodendorm, Cycadeoidea.
3. Structure of sporophyte Plant body flower pollination fertilization embryo development and seed structure of
(a) Pinus (b) Taxus (c) Gnetum

Group B

Angiosperm taxonomy

1. Binomial system of nomenclature, ICBN.
2. Systems of classification as proposed by
(a) Bentham and Hooker (b) Hutchinson.
3. Role of palynology embryology and cytology in taxonomy.
4. Diagnostic floral characters, floral formula and floral diagram of flowing families with special emphasis to plant growing locally.
(a) Ranunculaceae
(b) Apocynaceae
(c) Lamiaceae
(d) Verbenaceae
(e) Polygonaceae
(f) Euphorbiaceae
(g) Poaceae

Botany Honors practical syllabus part 2

Time  3 hour
Full marks 50


1. Gymnosperm  (6×1= 6)
A. Study of living gymnosperm as prescribed in the syllabus.

2. Anatomy  (8×1= 8)
A. Preparation of temporary slide and identification of steam showing Anomalous secondary growth.

3. Taxonomy  (10×1= 10)
A. Description and identification of angiopermic plant up to genus only of the families prescribed in the syllabus.

4. Embryology  (4×1=4)

A. Microsporogenesis
B. Microdissection of embryo.

5. Applied botany  (2×1=2)
A. Study of plants and Medical and other uses.

6. Spotting  (5×2= 10)

A. Gymnosperm
B. Anatomy
C. Embryology
D. Taxonomy
E. Applied botany

7. Practical records and Viva-voce.

…The End…

LNMU Part 2 Botany Syllabus

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